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01. How much time will I need to schedule for my dental work?
The timing for dental treatments varies. Implants may require 1 week and potential follow-up procedures. Reconstructions are done over a period of...
02. Can I get treated in a hospital?
Yes, Dr. Saenz treats patients for oral surgeries in South Florida Hospitals including Jackson Health Systems and Baptist Hospital.
03. Are dentists and staff are highly trained and competent?
Yes, our staff is highly trained in all aspects of dental care. We are committed to keeping up to date with the latest techniques and materials in dentistry and oral surgery.
04. Can I feel confident about your hygiene services?
Dental hygienists are experts in their field. .
05. How about the training of your dentists?
Our dentists are licensed and accredited with xyz certification board and has completed 50,000 surgical hours in oral maxillofacial procedures.

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